*Celebrating Over 30 Years of Support to the Warfighter*
*TQS is the only authorized provider of IFDIS products and services to the DoD*

TQS Avionics Failure Research Bibliography

TQS Technical Papers or Final Reports:

• AF01-296 Phase I Contract (USG Only)
• AF01-296 Phase II Contract (USG Only)
• AF01-296 Phase III Contract (USG Only)
o HAFB – MLPRF (2 IFDIS® systems)
o HAFB – PSP (1 IFDIS® system)
o FRCSW – GCU (3 TPS & 1 IFDIS®)
- NAS Lemoore - GCU (3 TPS & 1 IFDIS®)
- NAS Oceana - GCU (3 TPS & 1 IFDIS®)
• US Navy IFDIS® Study: IFDIS® tested GCU F/A-18 Success at NAS Lemoore (USG Only)
• TQS’s F-16 Falcon Flex Program Studies (USG Only)
• TQS’s F-16 Weapons System Flexible Sustainment Studies (USG Only)
o APG-68 Antenna LRU
o APG-68 Digibus SRU
o APG-68 Ribbon Cable SRU

Internet Sites:

1. Military and Aerospace Electronics Magazine: Derco Aerospace Aims at Avionics Intermittent Faults with IFDIS®
2. Aircraft Maintenance Technology (AMT Magazine) Finding Intermittent Faults in Aging Aircraft Systems
3. HeliMx Magazine, The Source for Helicopter Maintenance Professionals The Right Stuff
4. Military & Aerospace Electronics Magazine Intermittent fault-detection avionics test equipment for tough NFF problems...
5. Aerospace Manufacturing and Design (AMD Magazine) Ensuring Excellence
6. Aerospace Manufacturing and Design (AMD Magazine) Design for Testing and Maintenance
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10. Maintenance World The Achilles Heel of Modern Electronics
11. Best Test Newsletter Selecting the Best Technology for Troubleshooting Electrical Aging/Intermittent/No Fault Found Conditions
12. Avionics Magazine Article: How Parts and Systems Age
13. Avionics Magazine Editors Note: Resolving NFF
14. Avionics Magazine Special Report: Avoiding NFF
15. Avionics Magazine: When the Average Isn't Good Enough
16. Avionics Magazine: The Digital/Analog Coin Toss
17. Intermittent Fault Finding Strategies
18. Intermittent Failures in Hardware and Software
19. Summary of Field Usage
20. IFDIS® - Expanding Role within the DoD Maintenance Enterprise
21. A Performance Tracking Methodology and Decision Support Model
22. A Test Station Health Monitoring System
23. Avionics Health Management Searching for the Pronostics Grail
24. Testing for Systems Readiness A Perspective for the Future

TQS Video References:

SBIR Success Story: TQS’s Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System (IFDIS®)

As part of the SBIR Program’s Seeding the Future press release, TQS’s CEO discusses our PSP IFDIS® results achieved on the F-16 Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) chassis, as well as provides a quick overview of our IFDIS®.

Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System (IFDIS®)

TQS employees discuss our early results achieved on the F-16 AN/APG-68 Radar System’s Modular Low Power Radio Frequency (MLPRF) Line Replaceable Unit (LRU), as well as provide a quick overview of TQS’s IFDIS®.