*Celebrating 25 Years of Support to the Warfighter*
*Congratulations TQS for achieving AS9100D/ISO9001:2015 Certification*

TQS is a DoD Essential Contractor

The Federal Government has designated TQS as an “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce” contractor; thus, TQS must remain fully operational during this Coronavirus emergency. As the only supplier of the ifdis® to the DoD, our support to increase the readiness of our military aircraft is of paramount importance. Our development, delivery, and support of our ifdis® continues according to plan. In addition, our cASM application is fully supported and in full use by the DoD during this crisis. Our cASM application supports the rules of social distancing, reducing group size, and other CDC recommendations by allowing paperless, e-signature, and virtual coordination of procurement packages (i.e., contactless) – which is very important for our 3200+ users. cASM is critical for use in this crisis as it is speeding the procurement of emergency supplies around the world. Finally, TQS provides critical support to Ogden Air Logistics Complex in many other ways.