*Celebrating Over 30 Years of Support to the Warfighter*
*TQS is the only authorized provider of IFDIS products and services to the DoD*

cASM Task Order 9 and 11 Awarded

As a continuing effort to support Warfighters overseas and stationed within the United States, the Contingency Acquisition Support Model (cASM) Program Office under the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) awarded two Task Orders in February 2018 to Total Quality Systems for development of new functionality and documents specific to support the US Army’s Sierra Army Depot, Herlong CA and other Depots within the US Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM). On April 5th 2018, TQS will release version 2.1.11 to our customers. Some of the enhancements are new documents available for cASM customers: the Facilities Engineering Work Request (DA4283), STA Form 255_5, Environmental Requirements Package Checklist (AMC ENV), and the Request for Services Contract Approval.

This system is a one of a kind system within the Department of Defense (DOD) that directly supports pre-contract award requirements development and documentation for procurement, primarily in the contingency (deployed) environment and garrison. Using a similar approach to tax preparation software, cASM users answer questions regarding an intended purchase and cASM populates FAR/DFAR required documents/forms. This tool achieves significant reductions in the time necessary to provide Contracting Officers an accurate and complete purchasing package. Its world-wide web-based structure allows visibility of all packages in the workflow and electronic signatures eliminate the need to travel in a hostile environment just to get an approval “wet” signature.