*Celebrating Over 28 Years of Support to the Warfighter*
*TQS is the only authorized provider of IFDIS products and services to the DoD*

AF IFDIS Maintenance Contract Award

TQS was awarded the Air Force maintenance contract for supporting three Intermittent Fault Detection and Isolation Systems (IFDIS) for the Ogden Air Logistics Complex, Hill AFB, Utah. These three IFDIS devices support mission critical workload to keep the F-16 readiness rate up to operational need. Specifically, the three IFDIS devices detect and isolate otherwise nearly impossible to find intermittent connections in the communication pathways of the following F-16 Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) chassis: MLPRF, RADAR Antenna, CADC and PSP. The IFDIS unique detection capability supports increasing the availability and operational reliability of these LRUs, and significantly decreases AF O&M costs.