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Software Products and Pricing


Pricing:   $739.00 Annual per user (Minimum of 50 licenses per organization) – Support $129.00 Annual per user

A commercial Purchase Order (PO) application using a modern framework to provide a digital workflow business process for procuring materials and services.  Allows multiple attachments to support a procurement with quotes, pictures, and other technical documents (almost all formats).  Customized PO form with organizational symbol.  Keeps historical digital record of all procurements.  Reports and dashboards are available.  Supported by an Oracle database.



Pricing:   $749.00 Annual per user (Minimum of 50 licenses per organization) – Support $129.00 Annual per user

A commercial variant of cASM – an award-winning DoD application serving contingency operations around the world.  cASM is a web-based software application built to create pre-contract award complaint requirements documents using standard forms compiled in a digital package for transmission directly to a contract writing system.  Users input data once into cASM and it is populated into multiple documents and forms through an interface similar to easy to use question-based commercial tax preparation software.  cASM selects the set of customized business rules to populate the required documents and forms based on the type of procurement, estimated dollar amount and the competitive nature of the acquisition.  cASM employs a customizable workflow for reviews and approvals prior to execution by a Contracting professional, thus reducing coordination time, errors and the possibility of an incomplete package.  cASM can assist in developing a budget plan (based off of last year’s procurements, for example) and store pre-approved procurement packages that can be executed within days, not months, thus delivering time-critical support, products and/or services quickly.



Pricing:  $629.00 Annual per user (Minimum of 50 licenses per organization) – Support $129.00 Annual per user

A modern file management system that supplants MS SharePoint.  DropZone provides enhanced search features (including metadata), true drag-and-drop file movement, enhanced security, improved security access, and less burdensome administration.  Requires SQL Server for data storage and Windows Server OS to support front end operations.