*Celebrating Over 28 Years of Support to the Warfighter*
*TQS is the only authorized provider of IFDIS products and services to the DoD*

IFDIS Maintenance Contract Option Exercised

TQS was awarded the continuation of IFDIS maintenance support to the USAF at OO-ALC, Hill AFB, Utah. Technical and maintenance support covers the three (3) TQS IFDIS devices delivered under previous Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) sustainment contracts. As the sole source provider of IFDIS to the DoD, TQS is proud to continue to maintain this unique IFDIS avionics testing capability. The IFDIS was initially developed and delivered by TQS in 2008 under the SBIR Program to give the Air Force the ability to detect and isolate intermittent circuit anomalies in high-cost avionics assets, thereby enabling the repair of chassis to improve time-on-wing and reduce sustainment cost. Its unique capability derives from the design and system integration of a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) analyzer, vibration table, and environmental chamber with an asset-specific Test Program Set (TPS) which includes an Interface Test Adaptor (ITA), custom system control software, and custom display software. TQS has been recognized with multiple awards and accolades for their IFDIS innovation.